The Disadvantages Associated with Online Casinos


Online gambling has made its way to the internet, two decades ago. And now, after all these years, more gambling games are played on the internet than in real casinos as the internet could open the gambling business worldwide.

With many positives to deal with, online casinos do have some significant cons as well. In this article, we are going to cover those cons related to online gambling. And do not worry, we will also tell you the ways through which you can shy away from those cons and go for ‘safe’ play. So, here go the flaws.

The Risks of Scam

It is needless to mention that it is a very tough job to shy away from scams in the casino world. Not only in the online arena, but this is also pretty common in the offline form as well. You will find many protected and truthful casinos around, but do not trust all of them.

In online casinos, the chances of getting heavily scammed is a very common event, as there are no safety measures available for the sake of the players. Especially, when you are new in this field and you know not much about this gambling platform, you become more and more vulnerable to getting cheated.

However, there are ways to safeguard yourself. While betting your money on any online gambling platform, please read their terms and conditions, every single detail of it minutely. Also, do check the website’s certificates of loyalty and other such licenses.

Too Much Convenience Is an Indirect Con

In the modern era, people do not visit places where they find no convenience. And the online gaming platforms know their ways on how to make their deal lucrative to you. But the easiest to explain disadvantage of this super convenience is that it has made gambling an easy thing for anybody to practice.

Let us make our point clear. When the number of gamblers increases at a steady rate, then the chances of you win any prize out of your deal become narrower. And another thing is that when you get a huge array of options, you can easily get carried away which is a very dangerous thing to do as a gambler.

The all-day access to gambling sites can imbibe a bad hat in you of continuously falling into an addiction to it. However, research says that online gambling platforms could not inflict any form of addiction among the players, but so many players winning at a single time indeed declines the likelihood of winning.

Set your limits and goals to fall into the addiction of gambling. Restrict yourself to a few hours a day or else, fix your losses.

Cash out Takes Way Too Long

Here is another point that can give you a lot of discomfort while playing gambling games. The difference with the offline platform is that there you win or lose, you either give or take the money and simply walk away. But on online sites, you will have to probably wait for a whole day to end or even more time than that. The reason for this can be the slot you have chosen or else, the place from where you are playing. American gamblers have to wait a bit longer than European gamblers for example.

To avoid this disturbing delay in cash out times, kindly learn about the most convenient payment method that takes less time for withdrawing your winnings. And again, when you play in casinos which are famous, honest, licensed, and well-known, the transaction and cash out times are usually trivial.

Scarcity of Interaction

Privacy is a very enjoyable criterion for you but too much of it, similar to that convenience part we mentioned above, can not only ruin its goodness but also make it problematic for you at the same time. How can gambling be the place of fun if you can not have a jolly good conversation with the other gamblers? The enjoyment of everyone in the room having their fingers crossed during the time of result gives an inexplicable thrill altogether.

Some online casino platforms give you the option of messaging but that is generally for any kind of help you need and cannot be compared with a wonderful chit chat session at all. At a certain point, you might feel bored.

It May Not Be Legal Everywhere

This is the last point of our drawbacks’ list but is a very prominent one undoubtedly. Online casinos may or may not be legal in the country you live. Even if it is illegal and you somehow find a way to play it, it can also prove to be a criminal act under the law in your country. Therefore, before betting your money on online casino platforms, do not forget to learn about the prior rules and regulations of your country regarding online gambling and refrain from doing something illegal and getting trapped in unnecessary problems.

Reading all these rules and regulations of the casino and your country’s law can be a boring deal, but it saves you from trouble in the long run. Therefore, we advise you not to avoid it.

Final Words

As you have read our article, you perhaps came to know the drawbacks which are staunchly associated with online casinos. But it can be quite safe and smooth if you become a person of good knowledge in this field. The disadvantages can be minimized to a certain extent if you are a bit careful.

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All You Need to Know about Random Number Generators in Online Casino


You must believe that random number numbers are unique for and that is what makes gambling legitimate? Well, that is what we are going to discuss today, everything about random number generators or RNGs.

But random numbers do not guarantee you of being ‘random’ every time you win! It is a much more complex thing than it sounds.

As we progress, we will keep on unfolding the valid info regarding RNGs.

What Exactly Is a Random Number Generator?

It is a computer-based software program that can show results at random in a casino game. It works as a form of a complex microchip related to the spilling out of symbols and numbers randomly. It is done in such a way that you cannot change or predict it. Therefore, you can say in a way that it is the RNGs that make casino games safe for their players.

Different Types of RNGs

  • Slots: Mostly in slot machine games, you get to see the RNGs. In contemporary online gambling, every slot game gets operated by using an RNG. You are probably familiar with one of them if you have already enjoyed a slot game in a casino. You see, a unique number gets rolled out every time to pull the handle for your deal in the slot game.

    Do remember that the number keeps on generating constantly even when no one is playing a game, as it has to give a unique number every time someone pulls the handle. So, when you pull you get a number as a mere chance or luck, which is not predetermined at all.

  • Blackjack: Probably now we are heading into a bit of some new terms. It is not that new though, in card games like Blackjack, an RNG is a thing that initiates a dealer to deal out his/her cards. In the RNG generating software, the cards are printed with random numerical or symbolic values which are not predetermined and are pretty much arbitrary and random.

    According to the rules of playing Blackjack, RNGs are important to give the cards a unique numerical value during a shuffle of the deck. This is how the game goes on. For better understanding, consider a single deck game of Blackjack an RNG will be given to your card which will confirm that you do not get that card again for the second time. This makes the game fairer and interesting at the same time.

  • Roulette: This is also very familiar to card games. The random number generator helps to instigate the game, especially in online Roulette, to draw the wheel of the Roulette. In the offline form, it is not the same as you can yourself pull the handle to see your number. But anyway, the online form is also enjoyable in its way. The random number generator will determine at which specific number the ball is going to stop. Then according to the rules of the game, the winner is decided.

The Need for Random Generated Numbers at Online Casinos

People trust online casinos because of the system of Random Generated Number, as it speeds up the process and also gives a fair view of the game altogether to the players. With an RNG, you can easily check the winner of the game at a lightning speed. It is error-free and makes the platform entirely fair and reliable to the one who gambles in online casinos. It is a legit thing, which is not predestined or predetermined by any way, so the chances of you getting cheated are almost close to nil.

To sum it up, we can say that RNGs is an invincible thing in online casinos as it is the only reliable system based on which the gamblers can safely play on Roulette, slot games, and especially, in card games like Blackjack. Without RNGs, you cannot expect anything fair in online casinos and hence, as long as there is this business of online gambling, nothing can replace the ever trustable RNGs.

Is There a Way to Cheat RNGs?

The answer to this is yes but you got to be the next level hacker to do that. It is a very tough job to do. But in reality, you might say yes, because there are always possibilities of some magnificent frauds around! Now a question arises that whether you can be cheated by an RNG. We would like to say no to this, only if you use a legitimate online gambling portal.

There were some cases of cheating has been reported however but those are once in a Blue Moon chance. So, in this section, the conclusion is that, if you go and bet your money in legit and licensed online gambling platform, then chances of getting fraud with the RNGs, are extremely unusual.


So, that is that basic idea about RNGs, their meaning, types, and importance in online casinos. This can be a number ranging from 0 to a billion or can simply be a symbol that denotes or conveys a particular connotation. Not only in casinos, we, in our daily life, do confront many RNGs such as in computer simulations, statistical sampling, and security applications. Anyway, you get more fun in using an RNG than at a security line. In a way, as it is almost not hackable, you can say that RNGs make online gambling a safe option for you.

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Three Licensed Slots That Need To Exist

Slot MachinesIt’s no secret that licensed slots are a lot more popular than literally any other slot ever. Don’t believe me? Go look up the top 10 most popular online slots in your area – 9 out of 10 will be licensed, and the 10th will be “Mega Moolah”, also known as “That one slot that people only play because it regularly turns players into millionaires”. As much as it sucks to admit it, there’s currently an overabundance of online slots available to us, with online casinos boasting hundreds upon hundreds of these games, most of which are, for all intents and purposes, completely identical. Players, especially newer ones that are just getting into online gambling and aren’t quite sure where to start, often tend to gravitate towards the names that they recognize, like “The Avengers” or “Game of Thrones”, which urges slot developers to make more and more licensed slots regardless of how little sense a certain property makes (I mean, did even a single person on Earth ask for a “Bridesmaids” slot? If so, I would love to meet them, I bet they’re fascinating). But sometimes, a licensed property seems tailor-made to be turned into a slot, with numerous characters, an interesting artstyle and lots of potential for bonus games, to the point where you need to stop and wonder just why we haven’t gotten a slot adaptation yet. Here are three suggestions for slots based on popular licenses that really need to happen! Since Disney has a firm anti-gambling stance at the moment, I have excluded any Marvel, Star Wars or Disney properties from the list (and besides, if I hadn’t, I would’ve filled it with Marvel stuff anyway). With that disclaimer, let’s get started!

1. Suicide Squd

True, “Suicide Squad” is currently being ravaged by critics, with a score of only 27% on Rotten Tomatoes (for reference, “The Room”, largely considered to be the worst movie of all time, has 33% approval), but honestly, I don’t think it was that bad. It was certainly better than the 2011 “Green Lantern” or the 2013 “Man of Steel”, both of which are about to get their own slot adaptations from PlayTech pretty soon. Yes, the same PlayTech that have created “The Avengers”, also known as one of the most popular online slots of all time. Hey, here’s a crazy idea – we already know that PlayTech make awesome slots out of ensemble movies, so how about we don’t force them to make an adaptation based on the “Green Lantern” movie that nobody liked and that “Deadpool” so hilariously ripped to shreds every chance it got (“Just don’t make the supersuit green! Or animated!”) and instead let them focus on a movie that would be a lot more suited for a slot treatment? I mean, come on! Lots of characters? Check! Crazy color scheme and visual style? Check! Lots of opportunities for bonuses? Double check! Make it happen, Playtech!

2. The Simpsons

Theeee Siiiimpsoooons… Duuun dun dun dun duuun dun dun dundundundundun! I’m sorry, I’m, like, contractually obligated to sing the theme song of this show whenever I hear the name. The longest running animated TV show by FAR (it actually achieved that record back in 1997 and is still going strong to this day), “The Simpsons” has been on air for so long that many people who at first associated with the children have now grown up to associate with the adults. While many who are not intimately familiar with the show often think that it’s just for kids because of its cute, kid-friendly animation, the fact of the matter is that many episodes touch on social issues that would give “South Park” a run for its money, even if it does so in a more subtle, less crass way. So, with that said, I think it’s about time for “The Simpsons” to take a swing at gambling and slot culture as well! I mean, come on, you’ve got MORE than enough characters and materials to make, like, twenty slots if you wanted to – surely you can make one that’s jam-packed with features and bonuses from across the Simpsons history (with at least one celebrity cameo, because that’s how “The Simpsons” rolls). As for who would be best suited to bring this to life, well, why not NetEnt, the folks who already brought us a wonderful slot based on the aforementioned “South Park” and have proven time and time again that they know their stuff? Though to be fair, I’m technically cheating a little, since “The Simpsons” already has a slot, but it’s a physical one with no online equivalent, and it’s only available in certain regions, so I think that an online version is way overdue!

3. Assassin’s Creed

Yes, the “Assassin’s Creed” franchise holds a very special place in my heart, and no, I don’t care that I’m biased. When you think about it, it’s absolutely perfect for the online slot treatment! For those of you who don’t know what it’s about, “Assassin’s Creed” is a series of anthology games which are set all across history, with the earliest set during the Crusades and the latest set in Victorian London. Naturally, you’ve got a TON of characters and a TON of different settings between those two eras, including, but not limited to, Renaissance Italy, 16th century China, colonial America, Paris during the French Revolution and more. With the movie that’s coming out this year set to add the Spanish Inquisition to the mix, which nobody expected, that’s another era that’s ripe for the picking, alongside a fresh excuse to make a slot! Just think about it – do you know the “King Kong” slot, where every time you activate a bonus feature your entire slot, including its symbols, change between Skull Island and New York? Imagine that, but on a much grander scale, with entire eras changing depending on the bonus that you trigger. There’s just so much potential here, and considering the fact that “Assassin’s Creed” is Ubisoft’s biggest franchise, the brand recognition is most certainly through the roof!

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What Makes One Online Casino Safe?

Safe Internet Casino FeaturesWith so many online gambling sites that offer their services to Brits, it is really hard to choose where to play. But keep in mind that safety should be your first concern and there are several things that one casino needs to have to ensure a safe and secure gambling environment for its users. Needless to say the first step is a valid licence from the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, without which the site cannot operate. But this alone is not always enough. There are many international or local organizations that oversee the operations of casinos to make sure that they offer transparent games and support responsible gambling.

There are also numerous testing agencies that are approved by the Gambling Commission, such as TST, eCogra and others. Therefore, many renowned online casinos undergo rigorous tests by third-party agencies that make sure that their gaming software is secure and the odds and payouts are fair. You can also find many useful sources on the matter, such as Another factor to consider is the encryption technology that the operator uses to keep your personal and banking data safe. The way it works is they use a special cipher key to encode or encrypt the data that is being sent between you and the casino site and all data is then stored on secured servers, to prevent it from being intercepted by outsiders. Such algorithms are a must when it comes to the technical security of payments made to and from online casinos.

Another important aspect is the software platform or platforms that the operator uses. It is crucial that the platform, be it download or instant play, is user-friendly and that the games run smoothly and glitch-free. You can imagine that it is no fun to play games that are not stable or that take a long time to load or even worse, if they crash while you are playing, especially since you will be playing for real money. Furthermore, the mobile app also needs to be stable and safe to use, since much of the gambling nowadays is done on the go.

Safe gambling sites should also have a lot of useful information about the rules, payouts and RTPs (return to player) and about many other important aspects, such as how to manage payment methods, how to set limits and so on. You can usually find this information in the FAQ sections, along with many other questioned answered. Also, a good casino should offer a professional and well-prepared customer support team, that are ready to answer any questions you may have or solve any problem in a friendly and timely manner. The most common means of contacting the customer support are by phone, by mail, contact form and live chat.

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Do The Gaming Awards Matter?

Award number oneEvery big industry has its own rewards, right? Movies have the Oscars, obviously, science fiction has the HUGO Awards, videogames have Game Awards hosted by Geoff Keighley and sponsored by Doritos and Mountain Dew where “Destiny” can win “Best Soundtrack” over games with masterfully crafted music such as “Transistor” and “Child of Light”, and—I’m getting off track here. My point is that, considering the fact that it’s a multi-billion-dollar industry (no, seriously, the marketshare for iGaming is about $50 billion in 2016, you can look it up), there’s no reason why we shouldn’t have an awards ceremony dedicated solely to iGaming. Sounds like a great idea, right? Well, the good news is that we do have such a ceremony, and it’s really flashy! I watched their awards ceremony when it happened on February 1st, and it was really, really fun! Despite the fact that this was a multi-billion dollar business, everyone was relatable and looked very fun to be around. Special props to Lawrence Ho from Studio City, who had one of the best pre-recorded acceptance messages ever.

But… Do these awards mean anything? Do they matter at all? Let’s look at the finalists a bit more closely, shall we? Here’s a list of all casinos and casino providers who won an award at the ceremony. Let’s examine them closely, right? William Hill won Best Sportsbook Operator, that’s definitely very well-deserved! NetEnt won Slot Provider of the Year, which I absolutely 100% agree with. But… If you take a closer look, you’ll notice that all awards were sponsored by somebody. Now, this is actually fairly uncommon practice, as it creates a conflict of interest, but it’s somehow understandable if there is a very clear divide between “sponsorships” and “awards”. Providers who sponsor the event should be made fully aware that sponsorship does NOT automatically mean an award. But did that happen? Well, it’s hard to decide.

There are 16 different institutions sponsoring the awards, ranging from resorts (Ritz Club London) to casinos (Mr. Green) to casino games providers (IGT). Out of them, 12 win awards. Hmm, that seems a tad suspicious, don’t you think? I mean, imagine if Shia LaBeouf sponsored the Oscars and then all of a sudden won Best Actor over Leonardo DiCaprio. That’d make you go “huh”, wouldn’t it? Now, I’m not saying that there was any foul play actually involved. I know for a fact that many of the sponsors of the show are good, decent folks who’d never try to bribe their way to victory (you’re my bros, NetEnt), but if even one sponsor tried to do something like that it calls the entire legitimacy of the awards into question, and that’s not fun to anyone.

Again – I’m not calling anyone a cheat here. For all I know, maybe all sponsors who won really did deserve their awards! But one has to stay and wonder what’s the difference between “Best Experience on Mobile” and “Best Mobile Operator”, both of which were won by sponsors, and why we didn’t have an award for an individual game. There’s plenty of food for thought here. While the ceremony itself was very fun, I’m hoping that next year we’ll all be able to take it at face value without any sneaking suspicions about it.

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2016 – Good Year for Responsible Gaming

Back in 2014 the Responsible Gaming Trust conducted a research, the findings of which proved possible the ability to spot problematic gambling behavior in players by monitoring their activity. Apparently the way people use the gaming machines in the licensed betting venues or online can be analysed and the data used to highlight some concerning patterns. This way we can catch potential addictions in the happening, which is just brilliant news. Based on that eye-opening result, a new initiative was launched by the Association of British Bookmakers. It is called Player Awareness Systems (PAS) and will work the following way:

  • A system will be put in place to collect and analyse the gaming behavior of users once they login to their account
  • The data will be checked against a number of criteria, flagging out if it is then indicated as problem gambling
  • Alerts will be sent to the player (via sms, email or on the screen), warning them of the risk and directing them towards solutions – self-exclusion, sites of organisations that can assist them or staff members of the operator

New regulations and initiatives in the world of gambling put to the test this year.PAS also will integrate the individual expertise and experience of bookmakers, allowing them to work on and implement into the system analytical algorithms, thus sharing the knowledge and increasing the chances of catching the problem at it’s very root. The system will be independently evaluated during this year.
The initiative was signed by all members of the Association of British Bookmakers, making it a historical event – the first one to have ever met a 100% agreement across the board.
PAS in hand with the ABB Code for Responsible Gambling are set to make the world of gambling much safer and pleasurable. The initial ABB Code for Responsible Gambling was launched in October 2013 and many of you will associate it with the introduction of the ability for a player to set a limit on the amount of time they play for, or the money they spend worldwide. Under the new code players will be asked to decide if they want to set a limit on the outset, as opposed to it being something they may/can consider.
Let’s sit back and watch how will this affect our games – both online and offline. It sure should be a huge improvement for players!

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Picking the Right Bingo Bonus in 3 Steps

A Bingo TicketThere are thousands of gaming sites on the web and if you’re reading this, you must already be a fan and looking for extra chances to have fun. But, with so many offers bombarding you from every flashing banner and call to action, it might get hard to decide. There are several easy things you can do in order to make your choice faster and be happy with it. This last phrase is actually key to your plan of action. It is you who must be satisfied at the end. So, I’m speaking of the right bonus for you personally. Tom, Dick and Harry can struggle for themselves. You’d better pay attention.

Step 1: Are You Willing to Make a Deposit?

If yes, things are simple. You move on to Step Two directly. But if you don’t want to commit, you have to look around for brands which give free bonuses. Fortunately, there are plenty of them. The amounts are not gigantic, but, come on – tickets cost as little as 5p in most cases. Low ticket price means you can purchase plenty cards and play many sessions.

Apart from bingo funds, the operators give away free bonuses that are playable on slots. Again, not a very big amount, but you know slots – you can win thousands on just a penny there. It’s all a matter of luck. I guess, the natural question arises: “Where do I find such a variety to choose from?” Well, a lot of offers are available on websites like But, let’s move on to our

Step 2: What Will You Do with Your Bonus?

If you want to play strictly bingo, you’d better go to a site that offers a huge match percentage. Some operators welcome newbies with as much as 550% free on their deposits. When you make the simple math, it means that a ten-pound deposit will result in £65 to start playing. If the offer is valid on deposits up to £100 and you just happen to put down that much, you’ll see £650 in your account. That is really too much, you don’t need to go that far. Start small, don’t be greedy!

But what if you want to try many games, and not just bingo? Then, you should choose a site where the bonus is playable on all games. Some operators offer a separate Games bonus, and others credit up to 20 free spins to their new customers. Either way is good. Of course, in the first case you’ll be free to play different casino games, while, with the second option, you can stake your spins on a particular game. It’s your call.

Step 3: What Will You Do After You Win?

Are you planning to invest more time and cash to purchase more tickets? Are you making time in your agenda to take part in all the tasty promotions and the special events the website invites you to? If you are, then a bigger bonus is the one for you. It usually comes with steeper wagering terms and shorter time validity, but that doesn’t concern you, as you’ll be playing.

If, however, you want to withdraw your winnings, you’d better read the bonus terms carefully. Make sure you choose a bonus with low or no wagering requirements, even if the bonus itself is nothing spectacular. Wagering requirements have the habit of eating your funds fast, no matter how big they are. Just stay with me on this one. Imagine you get £10 free on your tenner and you need to wager the bonus twice. That means you have to buy tickets at the value of £20 before you can request a cashout. Now imagine you get £50 free on a 10-pound deposit and you need to wager the total amount 4 times. That makes 60 x 4 = £240. Spend that much and then think of withdrawal. Think again.

Whatever you do, keep in mind the following: no one can take your bonus away before it expires, and no one will touch your own cash. In a word, you lose nothing. Still, why not follow the steps above and you might end up the day having something more than just fun.

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Playing on the Go – Top 5 Casino Apps for Brits

Top Casino Apps for British Players

There are numerous things that I look at, when I choose a casino site and mobile offering is definitely among the first. I mean, what’s the point of having a device on the cutting edge of innovation, if you can’t use it to play your favourite games anytime, anywhere? Truth be told, there are few operators that truly stand out in the crowd in this department, so I thought you would like to know who they are. Granted, you may think that I am biased as every person makes choices based on their preferences, but believe me when I say no one ‘prefers’ an incompatible app or one that is poor in terms of games and offers to cash in on. And to be honest, I took some of the operators straight from UK´s #1 mobile casino website, so I assure you my points are valid and the facts will speak for my choices. That being said, without further ado, here are my top 5 choices.

Leo Vegas Casino – Perhaps a well-deserved number one, Leo Vegas seems to be taking mobile gambling more serious than any other operator. This is just because they understand that the future of casino gambling will be soon mainly focused on mobile devices and this is precisely why their app includes over 300 games and counting. The compatibility of their app is favourable to iOS, Android and even Blackberry devices and much to my surprise, some games even run on older Windows Phones. Go figure! And top that with a great welcome bonus and you will end up with an offer you can’t or shouldn’t refuse. You can find more information on this operator by watching this video.

Mr Green Casino – The green gentleman will surprise its mobile users with no less than 180 games to play on their devices. Android and iOS users can both use their web app, while the latter can also find a native app which can be downloaded from the iTunes Store. Although you will have no problem whatsoever playing the 187 games on almost any device, my suggestion is try the web app first, as the native one is still missing some really popular titles. However, the great live-dealer collection of games totally makes up for that lack, as I found out from the same website that I mentioned earlier, which turned out to be quite the useful source. Also, if you would like to find out more about this and many other top operators and their special bonuses, you can also follow them on Twitter.

888 Casino – This is an operator that is more about quality and uniqueness, than about quantity and no doubt this is the reason for which they have over 25 million users worldwide. Running on their own proprietary software – Dragonfish, but also featuring games from other renowned providers such as NetEnt, their web app will satisfy its users with a decent collection of popular slots, with progressive jackpots and a fair collection of table games. Moreover, their live-dealer platform is powered by Evolution Gaming and it is also available for mobile users.

32Red Casino – Running on a Microgaming software, 32Red offers an app that is compatible with the oldest OS versions for Android and iOS devices. Featuring over 90 games in total, among which almost 80 slots and 7 table games, the web app is even accessible to Blackberry and Windows OS devices, which is definitely something to be proud about. Aside from a great games selection, users can also benefit from special promotions and offers that can be claimed over the mobile platform.

Betfair Casino – Betfair’s gaming platform is powered by Playtech and having said that, it’s obvious that this operator’s game selection is one well worthy of praise. The part I love best about Playtech is that they feature the breath-taking Marvel slots, with some of the biggest progressive jackpots. Although both the web and the native app feature little over 60 games, you can be sure that these will be more than enough to entertain you throughout the day and fill your pockets, if you’re lucky.

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AutoRek to ally itself with Tottenham & Co

By: Abi Khan

DominoYou most likely have no idea who these companies are, why their alliance matters and what this has to do with iGaming at all, but trust me, it’s kind of a big deal. AutoRek is a pretty big provider of financial and operational advice, having won several award for their specialized software, which appears to be quite popular among various businesses worldwide. According to their website, they seem to be quite versed in the world of iGaming, having written a solution paper with tons of advice for people who want to get into the industry or strengthen their business (and are giving it away for free, which is pretty nice of them). Basically, they know a thing or two about iGaming and have some pretty good financial controls software. Tottenham & Co is a consultation company specializing in… Well, a whole lotta things, but one of their most interesting expertises is in regards to iGaming in particular. They’re commonly referred to as THE specialist when it comes to international gaming consultancy, and Eleanor Ramsey, our own editor-in-chief who has plenty of experience with iGaming consulting, claims that they’re pretty good.

So, what happens when these two giants combine? Well, in order to fully understand that we need to mention that by the end of the year the EU will enact new data protection laws which will override the equivalent laws in all EU countries, including the UK. It’s a pretty big deal, because the way online casinos and betting sites store customer information and financial details is going to have to change significantly. We’re talking major architectural changes in the way that some sites operate, with the process being made as transparent as possible. All money exchange becomes crystal-clear and easily verified by a third party should the need arise, and all user data will be stored more securely and can be deleted entirely at the request of the customer. This is actually a very good thing – remember back in 2011 when hackers stole 2.2 million credit cards of PlayStation users? This actually happened in part because you couldn’t really delete your information form the PlayStation servers due to the way in which they were structured – “deleted” information was just branded differently, but was still there and was recoverable, with enough digging. The new security laws aim to prevent stuff like that from happening.

So, coming back to our previous question, what exactly is the point of the alliance between AutoRek and Tottenham & Co? It all has to do with the transparency I mentioned. AutoRek’s software is great, even really great, but it’s not particularly suited for iGaming use, as those sites work very differently from others. Imagine, for example, a site that sells shoes. The profit of all the shoes that have been sold is a constant number, at the end of the day – if the shop has sold $5,000 worth of shoes, that number can’t suddenly drop to $3,000 at the drop of a hat. As such, financial software only has to take into account three numbers – the price of running the store (rent, staff payment, tax, etc), the cost of the raw product (the shoes being bought by the manufacturer) and the income that came from the sales in order to calculate the profit, which is very easy to do even if two of those variables change day to day. Running an online casino, on the other hand… That’s a bit more complex. You can have a profit of $5,000 which suddenly falls to $3,000 because some guy won a $2,000 jackpot 5 minutes ago. Or maybe someone deposited $2,000 only to withdraw them a few days later without playing because he realized he wanted to spend them on something else. And we’re talking about dozens, if not hundreds of these “plus” and “minus” transactions happening every single day. Normal financial software just isn’t equipped with handling this sort of thing, which is why it’s often handled internally, by employees and/or by a combination of different software. But all of a sudden the EU says that that’s not going to work anymore, and that every transaction needs to be processed clearly by a machine leaving a very obvious trail that can be traced should that be necessary. That’s exactly what AutoRek’s new software aims to do.

Now, keep in mind that I don’t actually know all the details – the information above is just speculation based on what has been announced and my own knowledge of how online casino infrastructure generally works, so I may be slightly off on some of the details. In any case, we’re going to get more information during this year’s EiG convention in Berlin on October 20th till October 22nd, where AutoRek and Tottenham & Co. will take the stage in order to explain exactly what their new software will do and how it will be useful, as well as give more details about the law and its requirements for tighter financial control. So until then, all we’ve got is some basic information and the world’s most generic press statements (“We’re so excited to be working with [insert company name here], they’re so great and fantastic and sexy and yada yada yada”). One thing seems pretty certain, though – if everything goes great and the software performs as advertised then everybody would win. The EU would be happy, online casinos will be doing less work and their customers’ transactions will be more secure. Here’s hoping that everything is as good as it sounds!

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